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I am a Senior Research Associate within the Alan Turing Institute’s public policy programme. I hold a BA in political science and international relations from Università Degli Studi di Pavia (Italy), a Certificat d’Études Politiques from Sciences Po Toulouse (France), an MSc in development economics and a PhD in economics from the University of Sussex (UK). I acted as a technical consultant for different research centers and international organizations, such as IGC, IDS, GAIN, UNDP and CGIAR.

My research interests span a broad range of topics across political science, development economics and political economy. I have worked on social media, sustainable development, food policy, public financial management, trade and innovation, political violence, decision-making dynamics, international aid and climate security. From the methodological side, in my research I have employed text analysis, network science, agent-based modelling, machine learning and more traditional econometrics. At the Turing, I work on the ESRC-funded project “Agent Computing and AI to Achieve the 2030 Agenda”, where I apply computational methods to inform policymakers on how to allocate public resources to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

When I am not too busy doing nerdy things, I engage in politics through different grassroots associations that carry out social-impact projects at the community level. I am a passionate runner, swimmer, and (more recently) boxer.



Selected publications:

  • Guariso, D., Guerrero, O. A., & Castañeda, G. (2023). Automatic SDG Budget Tagging: Building Public Financial Management Capacity through Natural Language Processing. SSRN Electronic Journal. Paper

  • Costalli, S., Guariso, D., Justino, P., & Ruggeri, A. (2023). The Violent Legacy of Fascism: Neofascist Political Violence in Italy, 1969-88. WIDER Working Paper 2023/34. Paper

  • Guariso, D., Guerrero, O. A., & Castañeda, G. (2022). Budgeting for SDGs: Quantitative Methods to Assess the Potential Impacts of Public Expenditure. SSRN Electronic Journal. Paper

  • Guerrero, O. A., Guariso, D., & Castañeda, G. (2022). Aid Effectiveness in Sustainable Development: A Multidimensional Approach. SSRN Electronic Journal. Paper

  • Liebig, T., Guariso, D., Craparo, A., Basel, A., Madurga, Lopez I., Pacillo, G., Laderach, P. & Guerrero, O.A. (2022). The Climate Security Index – A Methodological Note. CGIAR Focus Climate Security. Paper

  • Saha, A., Guariso, D., Mbuya, M. N., & Ebata, A. (2021). Firm’s Compliance Behaviour towards Food Fortification Regulations: Evidence from Oil and Salt Producers in Bangladesh. Food Policy, 104, 102143. Paper

  • Saha, A., A. Castro, M. Carreras, & Guariso, D. (2020). Trade, Technology, and Absorptive Capacity: Firm-level Evidence across Geographical Clusters in the Tanzanian Textiles and Apparel Sector. WIDER Working Paper 2020/96. Paper

A full list of publications is available at Google Scholar

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